Want to get our service for your wedding day? Then check out the most frequently asked questions we have collected for your reference. Check it our to know more about us. 

Is A Los Angeles Love only caters and arranges wedding events? 

Although A Los Angeles Love primarily offers a wedding planning and coordinating services, we also organize other events such as birthdays, debuts, anniversaries, seminars and company parties. By doing this, we are able to widen the scope of our expertise which gives us better credibility to our customers. 

Does A Los Angeles Love only serve people from Los Angeles? 

The reason we named the company “A Los Angeles Love,” was because it all started in this state. Our head office is also located in this area. But although this is the case, we see to it that we are far-reaching, serving people not only around the country but internationally as well. 

What does your wedding packages include? 

Our wedding pre-set packages differ from one to another. There is that which already include a venue, the catering service, all the decorations, flower arrangements and even the gown of the bride. All you need to do is to attend the food tasting and choose the venue from the choices we have for you and you are good to go.  

What if I have a preferred venue for my wedding? Can I still avail the package? 

Yes, you can. All we need to do is to incorporate your choice into the package and you are all set. Whatever other choices you may have aside from the venue, eg: wedding cake, flower arrangement, and the likes could be integrated to the pre-set package to accommodate your dream wedding. 

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