We are grateful for a chance to be part of the nuptial of Max and Betsy. It was held at their home near downtown Los Angeles. It was a nice summer afternoon that just fits the outdoor theme perfectly. 


It was a momentous moment when Betsy walked down the aisle of blue and yellow roses. It was an intimate wedding where only a few family and friends were exclusively invited. The colors they picked for the occasion are pale yellow and pastel blue. The combination was appealing to the eyes and upgraded the whole look of the occasion.  


The plan was to hold the ceremony at sunset and the reception to continue after sundown. So instead of regular lights, we commissioned fairy lights to decorate the backyard of the Benson neighborhood. We transformed it to look magical and to look more enticing to the guest. With the second set of outfit the bride changed into for the reception, the whole thing looked as if it came out of a fairytale book. There was nothing amiss about the whole event which was captured perfectly by our in-house photographers and videographers.  


Note that the pictures were exclusively taken by professional photographers. No selfie during the ceremony in respect with the bride and groom’s request. Pictures could only be taken during the reception. 


The program was smooth, and so was the after-party. Cocktails and drinks were the primary commodities that were enjoyed by the guest. Even the food was delicious with several dishes to choose from. Throughout the event, you could see satisfaction and happiness stamped on the face of everyone which is exactly our goal in mind when we took the project. What more is that we again became a part of a life-changing event in the lives of others.  


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