A Los Angeles Love is a company built to scratch by husband and wife Adam and Lorrie Smith. It started with just the couple helping out other couples plan their wedding which soon evolved into them building a team of their own to handle every detail while they overlook the process.  

Their first customers were their loved ones, friends, and friends of friends. Later in from hearsay, and amazing stories of their job well done in any event, they have been sought far and wild by people who want to live their dream weddings. They never disappoint, just for sure. They make sure that they have an action plan on every stumble even before they occur. What more is that they ensure that the members of their team are largely professional, credible, honest, and hardworking enough to uphold the same quality of service they are giving. 

Like all companies who started from scratch, it was a struggle for these two. But with constant support from their families and loved ones, they managed to climb the stairs of success and be among the most sought-after wedding planners and coordinators in the state. Their team became one of the most in-demand in the industry of wedding planning. They made the dream wedding of couples happen, not only their service resulted in several nominations for being the wedding of the year, the team also were recognized internationally. The best part? They served as fairy god people who made life-changing events more beautiful for everyone.  

Now, more than a decade after, they are still on top of the competition when it comes to wedding planning. They continue to do so through innovative ideas, honest work, and perseverance. Follow their journey only here at A Los Angeles Love blog site.